Stained Glass or… ?

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This is actually packing tape on plexiglass. The artist, Mark Khaisman, has created a whole series of beautiful creations he calls ‘tapeworks.’ Some are on plexiglass like the one above, in many different styles. Some are simply tape on the wall. There is something so appealing about the tones created with the packing tape. Perhaps because they remind me of sepia-toned photographs.

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Total Sell-out

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Happy Belated Birthday to Blogaholics!

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Well, it just slipped by me this year, but January 11 marked the 3rd birthday of!

That means that I’m also coming up on my third anniversary celebrating the day when I quit my job to blog full-time. A lot has changed since then – blogs have come and gone, life has changed, and I’m busier than I ever was before (you don’t want to know how many hours a week I work!). But one thing hasn’t changed – I love what I do.

So, thanks to Ianiv for geeking me out and setting up this blog for us, and for the odd series of events that led me to this profession.

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My Gilmore Girls Experience

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Since Gilmore Girls closed its final episode in May, you would think that my Gilmore Girls site would have all but disappeared. Quite the opposite. At the end of the show, I was nearing a million monthly pageviews. Not bad, hey? Well, it went down from that slowly each month, as you’d expect… but now it’s going back up.

I think I am enjoying the site more now than I ever have before. The community that stuck around is fantastic – supportive, interactive, and insightful. The end of the show has challenged me to explore a lot of new ways to develop a television fansite.

As soon as the show ended, I took stock of my categories and completely rehauled them to reflect things I wanted to improve my SEO on: actor names, shows they are in, etc. While my focus was before fairly broad, I made it an aim to seek out a lot of information rather than passively writing what’s in the news.

I started a fun trivia category, dig around for what all the actors are up to, and come up with fun posts about the show – like my Oy with the poodles already post. I have also been, since some time in November, recapping Gilmore Girls from its pilot episode onward every weekday to coincide with its airing on ABC Family – so 5 Gilmore Girls episodes a week. We all watch the episodes together and I tack on some discussion questions to my recap post. It takes a long time to do (at least 2 hours per recap), but I actually look forward to that part of my day. The early seasons of Gilmore Girls were the best ones, and I always feel good after watching an episode.

I provide regular recaps of Aliens in America (with Scott Patterson) and Samantha Who? (with Melissa McCarthy), as well as recaps of any guest spots. Right now, for example, Matt Czuchry is doing a guest arc on Friday Night Lights. I have been contacted by more publicists now than ever before, so I have been able to promote a lot of exclusive stuff and run some great contests.

The whole experience has taught me the value of community and how that community will stick by you, and indeed grow, if you support them and share with them. It has been a great experience, and I love writing this site probably more than any other. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s still one of the largest blogs in b5 ;)

Now, off to watch another episode – we’re mid way through Season 3 now. Stay tuned here if you want to read them.

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Trains and Gastown

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Free Air Guitar

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Smart marketing:

Free air guitars advertising for a radio station, 96.3 rock radio, in Glasgow, Scotland. Guitar racks like the one above were placed al around the city.

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One of the first decent pictures of our cat Nala in 13 years. Her blue eyes make it very difficult to take photos with flash, and her coloring makes it hard to take photos without flash. The D300 has changed all that.

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