Juno Awards 2009: Live Blog

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Tonight is the Juno Awards in Vancouver! On Friday I had a chance to preview the set for the Juno Awards, created by set designer Peter Faragher and executive producer John Brunton. On Saturday Ianiv & I headed out to the fan fare event where fans had a chance to meet & greet some of the musicians. And last night I attended the Gala Awards Dinner where 32 awards were handed out, from Album of the Year (The Stills) to Children’s Album of the Year (Barenaked Ladies).

Tonight Rebecca (miss604) and I are sitting up in the press booth for online media with a bird’s eye view of the performance at GM place. We’ll both be liveblogging – me here in this post, and Rebecca here. The eTalk red carpet event has already started and the stadium is slowly filling up. CTV will be broadcasting the event live in BC starting at 5pm and one-hour delayed across the country.

Performances tonight include Sarah McLachlan, Bryan Adams, Serena Ryder and more. Stay tuned for updates!

4:54PM – The crowd is getting psyched for the Junos The stadium is almost full.

5:00pm – Nickelback kicks off the Junos with a bang. Literally. The place fills with fireworks, smoke and a bang as they begin singing “Something in Your Mouth”. The crowd goes wild, the place just alive with camera flashes. And the set ends with a swash of flame.

5:05pm – host Russell Peters takes the stage doing a couple of dance numbers, including some awkward break dancing.

“Seriously folks, I know this is Vancouver. But what’s with the grow op on stage?”

It’s true, the stage is a mix of industrial with the lush greenery in trippy colors, a hint to Vancouver’s “other” reputation. Russell takes some time to greet some of the stars, from Bryan Adams to Divine Brown, whom he gropes over a bit.

5:10 – KD Lang and Buffy Sainte-Marie present the award for Songwriter of the Year. And the winner is… Dallas Green! His thanks go out to everyone “who has ever tried to write their own song.”

5:15 – Sam Roberts Band, winners last night of Rock Album of the Year, take the stage to perform “Them Kids.” Video:

5:20 – Hedley take the stage to present for Group of the Year. And the award goes to Nickelback! Too bad for Great Big Sea, but I’m glad they took the time to thank the fans and thank Vancouver. ;)

5:25 – There’s a brief about the Gala Night winners, then we move on to presenters Deborah Cox, Sarah Slean and Kreesha Turner who are presenting Rap Recording of the Year. The winners are Kardinal Offishall, who also won Single of the Year last night.

5:30 – Sarah McLachlan takes the stage to sing “U Want Me 2″ and looks phenomenal! Just stunning in her cascading dress. Fantastic.

Check out the video of Sarah:

5:40 – Russell Peters and Michael Buble have a cute comedy sketch back stage. But it’s a pretense to introduce the Honourable James Moore, Elise Estrada and Aaron Pritchett who are presenting New Artist of the Year. And the Juno goes to – Lights!!

“I didn’t get into this to win awards. I got into this to write music… it’s really great to be recognized on such a massive scale.”

5:45 – The Stills are performing “Being Here”. It’s a performance without too much in the way of showy things, but it was a strong set.

5:52 – after another look at some of the winners from the Gala Awards Night, we move on to another performance by City and Color (Juno Winner Dallas Green) and Gord Downie. They’re performing “Sleeping Sickness”. Fantastic job!!

5:58 – Bob Rock takes the stage to induct Loverboy to the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. There’s a video presentation about their success then the 4 band members take the stage.

“Wow… home town. Home country. Canada! Never to be forgotten.”

Saying thanks in English and in French, the band gets a little more time on stage for each of them to say their thanks.

“We still get to play these songs 30 years later, and that’s something”

They also pay tribute to their bass player, Scott Smith, who died in a boating accident in 2006.

6:12 – Crystal Shawanda performs “You Can Let Go” with a grand piano, followed by Divine Brown singing “One More Chance” with a strings section and Serena Ryder picks up the pace with her guitar for “Little Bit of Red”. I love her – she’s been my favorite artist in person for 2 years running. So cute.

6:19 – Tara Oram, Nikki Yanofsky, and Pepsi Super Fan Ali Furgala present the Juno Fan Choice Award to… Nickelback!

“This is a good one… this is the one for us… this is why we still don’t have a real job. All because of the fans. Thanks very much!”

6:26 – Musicounts PSA. We learned last night that this program is in need of greater support, it may be only renewed for 2 more years!

6:30 – Simple Plan perform their hit “Your Love is a Lie” to a very satisfied crowd. They worked it! They headed out to the crowd, singing to the fans, shaking hands, going all over the stage for their performance. What a job!

6:35 – Russell Peters goes into the crowd to talk to some sports stars. As a means to introduce Melissa Hollingsworth & Jeremy Wotherspoon, who in turn introduce Bryan Adams!! Bryan sings “Walk on By” with Kathleen Edwards. Amazing!!! Their voices together are like silk.

6:43 – Feist and Jim Cuddy take the stage to present for Artist of the Year. Tough competition! But it goes to Sam Roberts!!

6:50 – Elvis Costello and Diana Krall take the stage to present for Album of the Year. What a lineup for that one! But in the end, only one group can win… and it’s again, Nickelback!

Mom gets thanked first this time around, “I have to thank my Mom… for giving birth to half the band,” its joked. Oooh, and the shut-up music cuts off their thanks.

6:55 – Great Big Sea take the stage to close out the swho with their performance of “Gallows Pole” along with Workman & Eccodek. It’s a fantastic set, lots of drumming and movement on stage.

6:59 – Russell Peters appears briefly to close the show, then Great Big Sea return to close out the credits. Tune in next year as the Junos head to St. John’s Newfoundland & Labrador.

Hope you enjoyed the show & the live blog!!

7 Responses to “Juno Awards 2009: Live Blog”

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  2. honey says:

    Whoohoo! liveblogging ROCKS!

  3. We spotted you in the rafters and managed to grab a photo — Air and I were directly opposite you in the nosebleed section:


    Bloggers in the rafters!

  4. [...] did manage to snag a few photos that turned out nicely. Plus, I was doing this while juggling the live blogging, live tweeting, and capturing of video via the flip [...]

  5. April says:

    Does anyome know the name of the song that Dallas Green sang when he preformed at teh Junos on Sunday???

    Please it’s killing me i can’t find it anywhere

  6. arieanna says:

    It’s right there in my post: “Sleeping Sickness”

  7. mujde ar says:

    Does anyome know the name of the song that Dallas Green sang when he preformed at teh Junos on Sunday???

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