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NowPublic today announced, in partnership with the Vancouver Sun, the launch of its fourth MostPublic Index, this time for Vancouver. And I’m in the top 10!

The MostPublic Index identifies the Web’s 20 most visible individuals, those who are engaged in the world around them;

“This is the first attempt to take a group of people and say, ‘Let’s crunch the data and see when somebody says something, how many people do they reach with that message.’ “I think the list will surprise some people,” – Leonard Brody, CEO of NowPublic

Although I do “keep my head down” in many ways, I’m nothing if not prolific on the web. It’s a great honor to be a part of this list.

The Top 10 from the Vancouver MostPublic Index are:

  1. Darren Barefoot
  2. Tim Bray
  3. Boris Mann
  4. Kris Krüg
  5. Roland Tanglao
  6. Tom Williams
  7. Megan Cole
  8. Rebecca Bollwitt
  9. Arieanna Schweber
  10. Tod Maffin

Check out the full Top 20 here. And have a look around the NowPublic site – if you haven’t seen it since the re-design, it’s well worth some of your time. The header is constantly changing too, which is great fun.

And yes, I’m aware the Vancouver Sun mis-spelled my name :(

6 Responses to “MostPublic Index: Vancouver”

  1. Rebecca says:

    Congrats! It’s great to be listed there with you – and don’t worry, they misspelled mine too :P

  2. arieanna says:

    I believe they’ll be correcting both our names in the web version. So that’s something, at least.

  3. gloria says:


  4. Carla Karreman says:

    I’m extremely proud of you, as always. Congratulations!

  5. Raul says:


  6. [...] well how would I say it, complaining about rank [mg], noting that the list misspelled their name [bh] which I think if you’re going to make a big fuss about honouring people you’d better [...]

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