Renovations In Progress

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The renovation has begun! Over the weekend Ianiv stripped our fireplace of its brick facade and packed away all our furniture. And yesterday a crew came in to begin the demolition process.

Within a couple of weeks, the sandstone tile you see in the photos will be replaced with bamboo! As you can see from the left photo, it was sadly in need of removal. Just sucks up all the dirt!

Already the process has been labor intensive. Yesterday, two people spent the entire day removing the tile from 4 stairs, part of the entry area, and the kitchen. It didn’t take long to find issues though! The entry is concrete, not subfloor like we thought. And the stairs were built up using the wrong materials. So we’ll need to strip things and replace them, with our costs going up of course. It hasn’t been mentioned yet, but I think we’ll have to replace the subfloor below the tiles too. The jackhammer is just chewing it up.

So, the process has begun and I’m already looking forward to the end! Our cats are locked up for the duration of the demolition. During the day they stay in my office, and at night in our bedroom. They’re a little stir crazy already, but dealing better than expected.

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