New Music West 2008

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You probably have already read our interesting experience at the Red Room for New Music West 2008, but we haven’t talked much about our experience for the rest of the festival.

On our first night of the festival we went to The Media Club and stayed for Elias, Carmen and Camille and a little bit of Sweetheart. I was keen to be there to take photos of Carmen and Camille, who appeared on an episode of MTV’s The Hills. I ended up enjoying their music and that of Elias, though found Sweetheart too harsh for my tastes. 

On Thursday, as mentioned previously, we went to the Red Room with Duane and Rebecca to hear Armchair Cynics play, but also listened to the earlier performances of Jessie Farrel and Aaron Pritchett. Although I’m not a country music fan, I did enjoy their performances. I was not as impressed with the new music from Armchair Cynics, as it deviated quite a bit from the style we’d come to enjoy on their earlier CD.

Friday night we were quite tired, so didn’t stay out as long. We saw a great Australian band, Bladeshy, at The Bourbon, but didn’t feel like hanging around there. We eventually landed back a the Media Room, but the mellow soul music of Chantel Upshaw made us more sleepy. On Saturday, we picked up the pace back at the Fairview listening to a few bands, including Threat from Outer Space featuring our friend Josh on guitar.


The whole experience was great. Some of the venues were not as nice as others, and some definitely posed more lighting challenges for photography, but we heard a lot of new music and had a good time. Looking forward to the next year!

Check out the rest of our New Music West photos on Flickr:

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