My niche is community

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One of the interesting challenges of the past two years of professional blogging has been defining my niche. What is it that I do?

Am I a blogger? What’s that? Am I a writer? A marketing consultant? An editor? On what am I an expert?

Explaining what I do is extremely complicated. I believe it would be easier if I could say "I am a blogger. I write on a website about X", but that is not the case for me.

I have an ability to lend my pen to many topics, and become experts in them. That fits into writing quite nicely, but blogging is not just about writing, it’s about interacting. Not an easy task to explain. Nor is it easy to explain that the idea of interaction differs per site.

So, you throw in being a Channel Editor for b5, and that is another level to explain. Am I a manager? Do I edit? (a question I get a lot)

Then, what is Blogaholics about? Is it just the ‘extras’? How would I define our niche here? How do I profile my expertise, my passion?

I have spent months trying to think this through, knowing clearly that I want to build my professional profile, but that in order to do so, I need to define my niche. The outcome is simple to the extreme.

My niche is community.

  • As a blogger, it’s my job to build communities around my topic of interest
  • As a channel editor, it’s my job to build a community amongst my bloggers
  • As a channel editor, it is my job to understand the entire community of celebrity blogs and sites (within and outside b5) and to anticipate the needs and wants of its readers
  • As a consultant, I explain the importance of interacting with customers to build loyalty. That it is about relationship building – community.
  • For all of the above, I follow the trends of social networking, social tools and changing technology in order to enhance the experiences of my communities

So, I think I can best define myself as a community activist rather than any other term. It is the most encompassing, although evangelist would be suiting if it did not have different meanings within the blogosphere. While the task of explaining it to others will still pose a challenge, I have defined for myself what my niche is and how I can share my knowledge on what I do.

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2 Responses to “My niche is community”

  1. Dave C. says:

    I can totally grok this post. The only difference is within 2 months of starting my blog, I’ve already narrowed my niche down to a few core things. I hope it doesn’t become a trend because I’m liking where it is, at least for the moment.

  2. [...] Arieanna is has been pondering around the question of what her niche is. She ends up deciding that it’s about ‘community’. She decides that the description of ‘community activist’ probably describes her best. Probably a good description for many bloggers. [...]

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