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Sheila, one of my fabulous bloggers in b5, is the first to tag me, and since all of the b5 sites are currently down and I’m just sitting here, I’ll follow the rules and play:

The rules:

  1. Post a blog with your six weird habits/ things as well as the rules/ instructions;
  2. Add to your blog a list of your six victims to be tagged;
  3. Leave a comment for your six victims that says "You are tagged! Read my blog" (but you cannot tag the person who tagged you).

Six weird things you don’t know about me:

  1. I hate it when people touch my nose. Ianiv does it to bug me. Drives me bonkers.
  2. I won’t sing Happy Birthday. When I was in high school, I worked at McDonald’s and was the "party girl" for about 2 years, every weekend, hosting birthday parties up to 3 times a day. Happy Birthday is now an evil song that likes to get stuck in my head.
  3. If I have a song stuck in my head, I will walk to the beat of said song. Usually a nursery rhyme or children’s song, or something I heard on the radio. Never anything good.
  4. I hate working in silence. I have to have on music or the tv. I used to study, even in University, while watching tv. Something about letting part of my mind drift off and do something interesting…
  5. I want to write a book someday. I feel completely capable of the writing, just not yet the idea generation. I’ve always felt like I needed to "do more" first. After this week, maybe I’m getting there.
  6. I’ve always felt like being a teacher was not a fulfilling lifelong job, but I’ve come to realize that the passing on of knowledge is one of the most amazing gifts you can give, and it often gives more in return.

So, there I am. Now, whom to tag. I think I’ll tag Leora, Gloria, Grace, Boris, Christina and Jeremy. Sorry folks!

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