Chris & Tara on thinking small: Gnomedex 6.0

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Chris Messina & Tara Hunt lead a discussion on "thinking small" by starting out with a video presentation – silent messages on building products people need & want and to do so with community.

Non-zero sum: win-win-win situation. For all parties and for community.

BarCamp: open-source FooCamp. Organized in 6 days with 300 people who made it. 32 BarCamps have taken place in the year since then.

To celebrate it’s one year anniversary, it is planned to attempt a global-spanning BarCamp all on one day. One for Vancouver is being planned.

It’s all about building the future we want.

"How you go about building that product is as important as the product itself"

What are your stories of small success?

  • Tara: getting a message from Alaska Airlines with weather info and local info before the flight
  • Boris Mann: succeeding w/o a giant liquidity event. Have success in life – friends & family – with money only as the means to enjoy these real successes in life
  • Chris: how do you get millions of people? by offering something of value to people you know and aiming for a small to medium success. The longtail.
  • Build something people like a lot (dogster). Don’t get confused about egos and hitting a ‘home run’ but rather serving the community.
  • Darren Barefoot: We don’t need to be giants in any area. We can take smaller pieces of the pie. Serve the verticals of niches (something for some people) instead of being something for everybody
  • Definition of success: stay at home to work, pay the mortgage, be with family, and never have to go to an office
  • Document your work
  • When large companies invest in lots of little projects, not just one giant big project
  • Be proud to be an independent
  • Do something you love
  • Form relationships – respond to emails, visit people, watch them use your product and get to know them

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