Bitch Session with Jeremy Zawodny: Gnomedex 6.0

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I think it’s appropriate that Jeremy Zawodny moves into a planned "bitch session" [particularly social software/media] after the bitch slapping of our last session.

  • there is too much social software and the value of each one is being depleted
  • focus on why you use a service not how you use it or the features it has (don’t put the solution first)
  • connect services so they are not data islands
  • we don’t look outside our own ecosystem to the real world
  • we look down on other services (MySpace) and people because they are not in the A-list but rather the "mass" market
  • we talk about users not people
  • we argue too much about terminology ("buzz words")
  • we don’t know what regular people do at their computers (our assumptions suck, especially in software development)
  • we need more non-geeks at ‘geek’ conferences
  • the computer screen is not the only user interface – ‘think beyond the screen’
  • we need to think globally [place] don’t forget what’s happening now with visions of the future [and vice versa], we need standards to build niches upon [scale]
  • it’s easy to claim something is dead, but when is the true death and what will replace it?
  • if we are making things for ‘our parents’, why don’t we ask them what they want out of social networking sites?
  • do our parents even realize they want something more from their computer experience? probably not.
  • we focus too much on a user experience for an audience we may never reach, while a growing one (the giant massing teen audience) is being looked down on by all of us
  • how much of the information we put online now going to affect us in the future?
  • are tags hot? or a solution for broken search?
  • spam spam spam
  • more programs are going online, thus more data is going online – but our legal boundaries do not extend and protect us online. laws are outdated – apply physical laws to the digital world
  • creativity is age defiant
  • age is an outdated marketing concept. It’s experiential now. People in this room need some marketing teaching.
  • old school code does not talk well with new school code
  • large companies like Yahoo need to take a lead in de-compartmentalizing their stuff (groups, photos, Flickr, 360, etc)
  • we need APIs in order to de-compartmentalize
  • if we don’t know problems, we cannot solve them – we need to talk to more everyday people
  • we spend too much time infighting (mass ego fights)
  • how are we going to reach the masses if we fight internally about who is better all the time? We’re coming at it from the wrong angle
  • seniors have the most amount of discretionary time & $ – we can’t forget them either
  • it’s the context of when people use the tools not the tools themselves
  • let’s build things for real people, not for each other
  • our tools – what we use as geeks – have very little value to outsiders. Our echo chamber is not the real world.
  • mainstream issues are not the same as issues that are in the blogosphere. Big news to us may have little relevance or impact outside our bubble.

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