WIN a trip for 2 to Whistler or Mexico

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As a part of the beta Qumana launch today (for Mac & PC) at Moosecamp/Northern Voice, Qumana is kicking off a huge contest for bloggers to win a Ski or Surf Vacation:

qumana win

I really encourage you to give it a shot. It’s so easy to enter – just blog using Qumana (an easy blog editor) then write a post on your tool set. So easy. If I wasn’t organizing the contest, I’d go for it myself. Before you as, we’re not limiting entries to just specific countries – no matter where you are, give it a shot.

The prize for the contest is a vacation for 2 to Whister or to Mexico. Cheers.

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12 Responses to “WIN a trip for 2 to Whistler or Mexico”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I need a vacation

  2. Natasha says:

    What the he!!!! is with all of this snow. Enough is enough I need some sun man!!

  3. Angela says:

    I need a trip pleeaaaasssse ……..

  4. Kailea says:


  5. ianiv says:

    You’d think that people read a post before commenting…

  6. Kim says:

    Give me a break I`m a jetslut

  7. Jeff says:

    I like radishes

  8. spencer says:

    i have never left pickle lake my whole life

    far north ontario

    please feel my pain!!

  9. Nj says:

    my boyfriend and i need a trip to the sandy beachs

  10. C says:

    Never been on a plane before, but I live near Whistler. Mexico would be rad, though.

  11. chris says:

    i live in florida and have never been out of this state :(

  12. suzy says:

    I am a mother of two that are in college, and I do not know where the time has gone, i feel like i am killing my dreams, i have not had a vacation in a very long time, it would be nice to enjoy that kind of comfort again, so i’m giving this a shot, i have faith, that is what i have learned, to have faith in my own family and life.

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