Moosecamp: proposal for comment spam – Akismet

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Session by: Matt Mullenweg

Comment/Trackback spam is all about getting high on Google – not getting you to buy something, like email spam. It’s automated and of high volume. It’s difference from email spam means you can’t address it with the same tools.

Spam service for blogs needs to be:

  1. unobtrusive
  2. can’t depend on prompted authentication – that works ok for comments, not for trackbacks
  3. adaptive – it needs to change as spammers get better

Akismet is Matt’s solution to comment spam. It requires an API key from This design is a new and adaptive way to manage spam.

120,000 blogs are using this service now – so, when spam gets past the filters, it can modify and adapt very quickly.

There is a 99.99% accuracy rate right now (errors being missed spam or false positive spam), although "certain" blogs get it bad since they get the spam first – and thus the adaptation has not taken effect yet.

I find it interesting to think about which blogs get spammed first. To understand the logic of spammers. Is it Page Rank? Age? Traffic? Alphabetical?

Funny thing – if a piece of spam gets through, it will attract more spam. Really. So, if you have a random spam comment on your blog, you might wanna find it and get it off.

Matt’s trying to also now get Akismet onto non-WP platforms, and wikis as well. It can be used for any user submitted content on the web – links, comments, wiki pages, posts.

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2 Responses to “Moosecamp: proposal for comment spam – Akismet”

  1. As far as I’m concerned, Akismet can rot in hell as long as it is giving special favours to Yahoo

  2. Titanas says:

    I think spam goes to pages that seem to be very popular. It might be the page rank of popularity but judging from my experience (blog is in greek) 99% i’m spammed in posts mentioning celebrities like A. Jolie, H. Duff etc.

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