How to make a snowman ornament from a light bulb

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When your light bulbs die, don’t throw them out. Make them into really cute ornaments. My favorite one is the Snowman Light Bulb.

1. Coat the light bulb in approx 3 layers of white craft paint

2. Coat the “hat” in black, 2-3 layers

3. Glue 3 buttons onto his front – either buttons, or little jewelry beads (using a glue gun)

4. Make eyes and nose from jewelry beads, those tinted silver inside add a nice touch

5. For the nose, I used a miniature light bulb from a package of those sold to decorate those mini Christmas village sets – I simply cut off the lights, then their ends and glued it on

6. Make scarf from some scrap material – fold it over, glue it down then create tassles. Tie it around the neck in your favorite position – you may need to glue it down a bit

7. Using floral wire, make a decorative trim to the hat – wrap it around and tie it off, crunching up the ends. This will give it some flare and also a place for you to add your ornament hook

8. Rub a regular glue stick around the base of the snowman then roll him in some clear sparkles

Hang & enjoy! Great craft with kids, although I suggest doing the painting beforehand, since it takes a bit of time.

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16 Responses to “How to make a snowman ornament from a light bulb”

  1. MAKE: Blog says:

    Make a Snowman Ornament from a Light Bulb

    Here’s a great use of your old light bulbs. Make pal Ianiv writes,”When your light bulbs …

  2. Trevor says:

    Or, you could take photos of them breaking:

  3. Philip says:

    “Great craft for kids…”

    Nice thought, but I’d think twice before giving children glass lightbulbs without very careful supervision – depending on their ages, of course.

    Like the idea though!

  4. Lifehacker says:

    Make a Snowman Ornament from a Light Bulb

    Here at Lifehacker, we are ALL about recycling, good stewardship, saving the earth, yada yada yada you get the point. Anyway, if you’re short on Christmas tree ornaments, but strangely long on discarded lightbulbs (!), try this nifty Snowman…

  5. Music Emissions holiday tip for recycling old light bulbs

    OK, not Music Emissions but I am passing it on to you.How to make a snowman ornament from a light bulb. Thanks Blogaholics…

  6. iampowered says:

    Make a Snowman Ornament from a Light Bulb

    Here you go with a great Christmas Eve past-time. Creating Snowmans off dead light bulbs. 1. Coat the light bulb in approx 3 layers of white craft paint2. Coat the "hat" in black, 2-3 layers3. Glue 3 buttons onto his…

  7. Jacquie says:

    My friend gave me a lightbulb snowman many, many years ago. She coated it with textured paint and it has stood up to my cat knocking the tree down several times, breaking all ornaments but that one. I’ve kicked it several times on accident across the floor, it’s dropped out of my hand many times and I’ve dropped the box getting it out of the attic every year. I’m a clutz and it’s the perfect ornament.

  8. Bethany says:

    its awsome I think you should make the snowmans and sell them you could make a fortune!

  9. Bethany says:

    It realy is a good idea my mom agrees!She says”Its child friendly as long as im under her super vision”.So what I think is keep the crafts coming we have now a new addition to the Christmas trees.Happy holidays and remimber Santa is watching!!!

  10. arieanna says:

    Thanks so much! I think I’ll start making more of these for gifts since everyone seems to just love the one I made for myself.

    I want to attempt a Santa version. If it works out, I’ll add a post on it :)

  11. ANNA says:

    I have several lightbulb patterns and pictures plus the titles of a couple of books on bulbs.

  12. Cork Jacobs says:

    Could you email bulb patterns and book names please
    Thank you,

  13. Evelyn Allan says:

    I would very much enjoy receiving your patterns and the the of the book. Thanks Ev

  14. Nathan says:

    That is very creative. I like that I think I’ll try it some time.

  15. Raichi says:

    I saw some other great Snowman Ornaments here too,

    Quite costy though, since its Radko.

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