Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

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Lots of pictures of the Victoria Secret 2006 show here, here, here, here, here, here

Victoria’s Secret just had a major fashion show with all the biggest names in top models, from Tyra Banks to Heidi Klum and more. It’s always a big thing in the fashion world. I covered it all on my lingerie blog starting here and continuing for the rest of today and tomorrow. There were a ton of pictures :)

Picture 12Picture 3Picture 2

UPDATE: I have posted the music to the Victoria’s Secret fashion show 2005 on an alternate post here – the song list, as well as links to the songs to buy. There is no individual CD for the songs. At least not yet. I will keep you posted

UPDATE 2006: The music list and CD purchase links for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion 2006 can be found here.

UPDATE DEC/07: I have posted the music to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2007 here – the song list as well as links to buy.

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1,524 Responses to “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show”

  1. |mmorta| says:

    Hey everyone.

  2. |mmorta| says:

    Hey everyone.

    I am still looking for a song from VSFS 2003 =/

    It comes right after the first theme is over in the CBS version, starts at 4:32 when VS officials, Adriana, Karolina, Heidi are doing the talking.It ends at 5:41

  3. jeff says:

    VSFS 0 7
    incuded: – i got it from my mama
    Seal -amazing

    any other? plz help to find it out

  4. damianna says:

    hi guys!
    could anyone please please tell me where can I download VSFS 2005 in high quality?I only found clips that were short and in realy poor quality…

    Thanks a lot

  5. OMEGA says:

    does this site have a separate page for
    the 2007 VSFS ????

  6. Geez says:

    does anyone know the song being played at the very beginning of the 2007 as the models are being shown?

  7. damianna says:

    Geez-I think it`s I Got It From My Mamma

    Does anyone know what is the price of the tickets for the show?

  8. vincent says:

    hey damianna.. well i heard that the ticket is price at 25000 dollar for charity purpose

  9. ian says:

    Geez… I think I know what song you are talking about. I have been searching all over to try and find what the name is. I think it has the lyrics “Work It, I’m Worth It” in it? With a techno type beat? Does anyone have a clue what song this is?

  10. Et says:

    Geez…i’m pretty sure the song you’re looking for is “Mason – Perfect Exceeder”

  11. ian says:

    Thanks Et… you nailed that one

  12. Anita says:

    any1 know the song for vsfs 2007 that plays during PINK collection, the one with the winner?


  13. Yatin Gandhi says:

    hello ppl
    seen the latest show of vsfs07 it was sexy

  14. Geez says:

    Yes ET! Thank you very much!

  15. lenny says:

    Can you pleas!..get the music from dis new show! VSFS 2007

  16. lenny says:

    Snoop Dogg feat. Pharrell Williams – Drop It Like It’s Hot (2005)…thissong pleas….

  17. tye says:

    Does anyone have a zip with all the music files for the 2007 vsfs music? :)


  18. Martin H says:

    can somebody PLEASE tell me the name of the flamenco guitar player in the 2002 fashion show or the title of the song. I have looked everywhere and all I see is VSFS “flamenco” but I cannot find the soundtrack. Please help me!!!!!


  19. Gabriel_Vzla says:

    Hello, does anybody know any of the songs played on the VSFS 2001??? Specially the first one, i loved it! It’s the song that starts just between Alek And Heidi

  20. vctoria really knows the pulse(!!) of men and women to grab their money bags with all these plastic supermodels!! shows the real side of the girls.

  21. Ariana says:


    I was really really hopeing you guys can help me out. For the 2001 VS fashion show in the begging part where all the models talk a little bit about them selves the music that is playing when Gisele is talking was amazing. It was a beat playing in the backround it was an instermental. pleasseee can someone give me the artist or song name or a ripped version of the audio even if its with Gisele talking pleaseeeeeeee i need this song i checked everywhere on limewire n everything please. my email is thank you.

  22. M says:


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