Bill C-60 is dead

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A while ago I mentioned Bill C-60, the copyright reform bill introduced by the federal government. Today Rob lets us know that with the end of the current Parliament the bill is gone.

This is a good thing, the bill would have taken away some of the rights of Canadians to access and use copyright material.The next government will likely introduce a similar bill, but at least we’ll have another chance to make sure that it addresses the concerns of Canadians and not just the interest of the media monopolies.

2 Responses to “Bill C-60 is dead”

  1. nobody says:

    I’m doing a project in business class, the question is.
    What is Bill C-60 and how does it impact both individuals and business?

    Will Someone help me out?

  2. nobody says:

    This project is confusing!…first i find a c-60 air carft, lol, and now something about a copyright…confusing

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