Shopaholic – A good consumer

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Not only am I a blogaholic, but also a shopaholic. I am a sale finder, so I don’t always buy. That said, I window shop to the extreme.

Yesterday, I went to Bellingham with my future mother- and sister-in-law for a shopping extravaganza. Went to T.J. Maxx and Ross and also just a mall. Spent hours shopping, with a mid-day break for some amazing Mexican food, and came home exhausted – but with a few bags of goodies. I even did some Christmas shopping!

Buying stuff was good, but the most satisfying part of the day was the food. We don’t have authentic Mexican food in Vancouver – there is one little place, but it’s menu is not very extensive. There are a ton more across the border. Oh – it was soooo good. I am a true food-convert – all my cravings are for Mexican food and Mexican candy! Like the pulparindo!

Ah… pumpkin

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pumpkinI love fall because it gives me a chance to incorporate one of my favorite things into my baking… pumpkin!

Last year I discovered the joy of actually baking with pumpkin. I made pumpkin pies from scratch. It was a lot of work, but OMG were the pies good.

So, when pumpkins came into grocery stores, I lugged one home. And today, I hacked it to pieces, baked it, pureed it, and started baking with it. I started out with some Pumpkin Walnut Muffins and some Pumpkin Biscuits. I have about 10 or 12 cups of pumpkin left, so there are cookies and gingerbread and loafs and so much more in the works.

Of course, all my recipes are going up on Baking Low Fat... here’s a sneak peek at what I’m making for breakfast tomorrow morning. Ianiv is quite spoiled this week!

Why do I like pumpkin? Well, after the annoying part of cutting it up with crappy knives, it really is a great food to work with. It allows me to take out the fat in many recipes since it binds and moistens like many fats. Plus, it is so yummy. Goes so amazingly well with fall flavours like molasses and nutmeg and ginger.

So, if you’ve never actually done anything with a pumpkin but carve it and stick in a candle, take my suggestion and eat it!

Oh – if you do want to eat pumpkin, I suggest one of the sweeter varieties like the generic Pie Pumpkin you’ll find in the grocery store.

Wedding Photographer

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We have finally chosen our wedding photographer. We were lucky to get a good recommendation from a graphics company that led to us finding Ka-Kei Law. It was an extremely hard decision to make. His site really didn’t do him justice, but his portfolio was very good in person.

We were looking for extremely candid shots and really had a hard time finding it. We’re satisfied with our choice – he’s very personable and produces really high quality work.

So, we’re off to our engagement shot as early as next weekend – providing the rain holds off.

We also highly recommend taking a look at Blue Olive Photography – they’re new to Vancouver, but have really great work as well. The material on their site will show you just how good their photojournalistic style is.

The Lost Bohemian Rhapsody

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lost rhapsodyArieanna and I are Lost fans so we found this “tribute” really funny. It is a collage of lost scenes set to Bohemian Rhapsody and it is amazing how well the author managed to fit them to the lyrics.
It will have to keep us entertained for a while because there are no new Lost episodes until November 9th.

Update: Looks like the file is gone, I should’ve saved a copy. If anyone knows of a mirror, let me know.

Update 2: Here is another link, thanks Melanie!

Quill pens from feathers

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Learn how to cut quill pens from feathers here.


I’m sure Tris will like this one :)


Splog deletion

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It looks like Blogger went on the attack against splogs (spam blogs) by deleting 13,155 splogs (list here) over the weekend.

The sad thing: this is probably only a small proportion of splogs on Blogger. Based on growth figures, they’d need to do this once or twice a week to keep the spam blog level at where it is right now.

Via penmachine

All about Duct Tape

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First, we had the new Duct Tape bandages.

Now we have a Duct Tape suit and more Duct Tape fashion and a Duct Tape Messenger Bag.


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