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Time for some self-analysis. Which blogs would I Take to a Desert Island? Well, in no particular order (too difficult!), here they are:

1. Popgadget – because I love to relax and share quirky gadgets and funny things

2. The Cartoonist – because it makes me smile

3. Tris Hussey – View from the Isle – a friend, a colleague, and a pleasure to read. Always willing to push the edge on topics.

4. Jeremy Wright – Ensight – enjoy his personal path of change and the funny stuff he finds. Humble but insightful.

5. Suw Charman – Strange Attractor – opinion leader. Subtle but with force.

6. Suw Charman – Chocolate & Vodka – funny insight. Pleasure to read. Really need to re-meet Suw sometime soon. Sure it will happen once I’m more into the conference track.

7. Noah Brier – common thought path in many areas of social networking and mobile lifestyle. Also a Mac lover.

8. Everyone at Get Real – I may write there, but I do read it too! Stowe is a great friend and an amazing source of ideas and inspiration. Greg, a mind bursting with ideas and enthusiasm.

9. Darren Rowse – - Darren set his path and stuck to it. He was an inspiration for my path to become a professional blogger and his early insight into change and personal reflection continues to be valuable.

10. Toby Bloomberg – Diva Marketing – new friend, full of energy, fun to read.

Looking into only those I could really not do without I saw just how many I was willing to forego. Hundreds, really. Some are topic specific and I have no real personal connection. Some are just too high volume (more on this later). But, overall, I could really do without many. Maybe we’ll come to a time where we have only a few feeds of actual blogs and more and more topic and word feeds. Interesting thought.

Ask me next week, and this top ten list will likely change. I am doing some purposeful analysis of what I read and may find this completely different in a few days. Taking out some feeds, adding in new ones. New ones I can see from early reading that would probably out others in the above list. As mentioned before – my list was lacking.

Thanks Steve for prompting a valuable insight. You would be in my top 11 for sure, but I do have issues with volume of posts.

Who are your top ten? Why?

I’d also like your reflections on what these lists say. They tell me a lot about who I read and why, and what’s missing. They also show me clearly that I’m already far past referencing most A-listers (I even checked my archives). Please, feedback is appreciated on this.

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8 Responses to “My Ten Blogs”

  1. Oh :( I’m humbled (no, really, I am, lol).

    Thanks A. I’m seriously all tear-eyed (no, seriously… damn) ;-)

  2. Arieanna says:

    Well, congrats to you for sharing your experiences and thoughts in such an open manner!

  3. Scott says:

    One that I read everyday is Engadget.

    Thanks for the list!


  4. Toby says:

    Arieanna – am honored to included in your top list. To continue the BlogHer thread on “top lists” …. a person’s “top list” is/should be of more value than the Technorati 100.

  5. Noah Brier says:

    Am also honored to be included. I also very much appreciate the distinction being made between someone’s personal list of favorites and something like the A-list. I posted this on another Blogaholics entry yesterday, but think it’s relevant in case people missed it:

    I just want people to acknowledge the fact that the only A-list that matters is yours. I’ve got my A-list and it includes bloggers with thousands of readers and bloggers with two. Blogging to me is about content, not audience and I think the whole ranking thing undermines that and brings us back to a fairly useless place.

  6. Arieanna says:

    Thanks for all the comments and feedback!

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