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So, most of you know I’m actually a professional blogger. You might not realize it from the whole mishmash of stuff I write on Blogaholics, but it’s actually true. What do I do? Well, most of it’s covered off on Blogging Help, but basically my world falls into 2 categories: consulting and blogging.

If you want to know about blogs, I’m your gal. I’m here to give presentations, tutorials, or large scale planning efforts. I can help build your online communities – blogs and all. That’s where my background in business and marketing come in handy.

But I am also a blogger. And I love it. I just love writing. And I love new topics. Love the challenge of getting the buzz started and moving around. I’ve started some new blogs with Ianiv, but we’re keeping them hushed for now. And, yet, with 12 blogs on the go, my appetite for blogging is not yet satiated.

So, here I am – blogger for hire.

I want to jump out into some new blogs. If you are thinking about starting up a corporate blog, I can help get it going or be your permanent blogger. If you are starting a blog network, ask me to join. If you have a multi-author blog and want some more writers, I’m here. If you have an event/conference needing exposure, I can blog it.

I’m a diverse writer. I have a strong background in areas related to business & marketing, but I also love niche blogs. I can do long, short, objective or subjective. You name it. It’s all game.

Money? Well, yeah, I’d love to make it. We can work on ways to do that. Recognition is also part of the game – so, it’s all negotiable.

So, yep. That’s my post pimping my services. Just felt the urge to get it out there again. If you like me as a blogger, please pass it on. :)

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6 Responses to “Blogger for Hire”

  1. Matthew Cook says:

    Im just starting a new blog, it will have my personal blog as well as a music movies blog and others depending on how succesful the first are. I might have a gadgets one as well as i think i like stuff like that the most.
    Anyways you wanna help then email me

  2. HART says:

    “Money? Well, yeah, I’d love to make it. We can work on ways to do that. Recognition is also part of the game – so, it’s all negotiable.” .. Do you like Pets? I am looking for multiple authors on my blog, and very flexible in helping you gain recognition or self-promotion .. but, my budget is -0.00- Please take a look at the site, and if you can think of anything, or be interested in something like this.. (PS I’m in Winnipeg)

  3. imsac says:

    Well, what are the rates per month?

  4. Michael says:

    This sounds interesting…I’m a blog virgin and I’d love to start off with a professional. Email me if you like the idea of teaching a complete novice!

  5. Hi,

    Found You in the SE

    I am creating a blog network… a big one.

    The sofware is being generated right now,
    many topics. wanna see what you can offer
    us, will provide you with recognition

    Email me please, if you have any associatesinterested please let me know


  6. YIGAL says:




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