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Session: Mommy Blogging

Speakers: Jenny Lauck, Jenn Satterwhite & Meghan Townsend


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Stigma of term – why is the connotation bad from the term “Mommy Blogger.” Perhaps it comes down to the whole mommy thing. There are, after all, stigmas as well on being a mommy full time. Why not be proud? So, just like putting “I used to be a…” before you say you are a mom, it’s all about how people self-identify in addition to how others classify moms.

It’s also a record of the lives for the kids – not the kids being used in any personal gratification way. [The Mommy Blog] I agree, and the value I would get as a parent in giving this treasure to others and as an archive to pass on would be great. Imagine if you had it – what memories! And what parenting knowledge too.

Mommy blogs are not just for family or other mothers. By putting them down to less than writing is like labeling films as chick flicks. It’s about writing, in many senses. And it’s just another form of identity blogs – personal blogs.

What is a mommy blog? Just one category of family/parenting blogs. It contributes to other parents and the community at large.

There is some backlash to mommy blogging – parenting is a very personal thing so I can see how others would push back.

It will affect what people read about themselves and what others will know of them in the future. We have to think that Googling someone is cool now and has value for anything from dating to employment, but later it will be only normal that things as broad as childhood also become a norm to what you see when you’re Googled.

Do you think ill of biographers or autobiographers?

Most mommy blogs are not about children in exclusivity. They are about life and opinion, really, like other personal blogs and other topic blogs in general. Heck, people may call their blog a mommy blog and only do it for 20%. Or, they may talk about politics most of the time on a political blog but also be a mommy blogger.

She is a mom, but she is, but she could be, but she was. BUT.

How much of mommy blogs are edited in light of families or spouses? This is a general blogger thing we feel, but families, as above, can be very passionate about how you raise your kids. The same is with spouses – blogs can be a good way to share and let off steam and writing can be a necessity, but if that is not embraced by those close to you, it can hurt relationships.

Sharing on blogs has broken marriages. It comes down to different comfort levels in what to share. What part of sharing is you and what part is the family?

There is also a lot of passion about “putting kids in danger” by blogging about them and posting pictures. Is it not true that sending them to school is also dangerous? And, blog or not, most of your life is available in Google. Most danger to kids is from people they know, when threats are personal, but there are those rare cases of people truly motivated to target strangers. Perhaps the threat is that of children celebrities – fixation may be more likely from this attention. Some may also be media attention. Stranger child abductions play on fear and sells in the media. It has happened that someone laid claim to another’s kids at a school by showing evidence gained on a blog. So, the risk is obvious in some cases.

Julie Leung brings up that not putting pictures up is a choice she made. She tells stories of mothering but gives later choice to her kids to be online or not.

If the kids ask, listen. If they don’t want to be online or if there are stories they want to keep private, respect it. Your kids have as many rights on this as any.

Last thought – it is seriously impressive to cram out some great posts on parenting or whatever in light of the task of parenting! Creating a permanent memory in minutes…

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