Who uses photo albums?

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The photography landscape is changing. When was the last time you actually put pictures in an album? Let alone print them. We just took in some film after having it sit around for a few months. So, the pictures will sit in the envelope until I have enough time to sort them and put them in an album. Then we’ll look at them once a year if we’re lucky.

What’s wrong with this picture? When digital photography and online albums first started, I resisted the pull. I couldn’t even fathom sitting down with family and friends in front of a computer to look at family photos. I could see the benefit of sharing them online, but didn’t get that whole revolution of archiving and really sharing. Of actually looking at your pictures a ton of times. Well, Flickr was my revolution. Tagging, sharing, viewing. All my pictures are there. I hardly even think of using film now. And I’ve mostly lost the urge to print off and store pictures. Mostly, but not completely. I still like to sit and share a bit. And I can see how it would be great for family pictures. That tangible bit I’ve yet to let go of, both with pictures and with books (though I read e-books as well).

So, when I came across this company I had an “ah ha” moment. Momento is a company that turns photos into books. Lovely coffee table books. Ones you can leave out and admire. And, since they are crafted with far more skill than you can ever scrapbook, and more style as well, you would want to leave them out. And, oh, so much faster. All you do is take their software, put together your photobook using some easy tools, then get it printed. It has the selectivity of digital that we all love, coupled with the tangible archiving many of us just love. Made me happy. Now, if only I knew of people around here to do it, and at a reasonable price. Such a good idea. Thinking wedding here!

Found this on Red Ferret

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  1. Carla Karreman says:

    whoops, posted twice?

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