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Great little intro by Chris Pirillo at Gnomedex on Gnomenclature. Here are some excerpts:

Scobull /n/ – 1. Loose wire; 2. The ability to assert that co-workers should be fired without the fear of being fired for saying so; 3. Unbridled geek energy.

Wi-FUD /n/ – 1. The belief that wireless Internet access is evil and should not be used in conjunction with any public gathering; 2. Wi-Fi without a power strip.

Aggragavator /n/ – 1. A faulty news reader; 2. An overzealous syndication evangelist.

Quackback /n/ – 1. A facetious trackback; 2. The title of Howard The Duck’s blog, should he ever get one; 3. Trackbacking an entry and quoting it out of context.

Fraudcast /n/ – 1. An interesting podcast that issues only three episodes before its originator gets bored and moves on to something else; 2. Any content on an airline’s business channel.

Swuck /n/ – 1. Conference swag that gets thrown away in your hotel room, unworthy of returning home with you.

Samedycation /n/ – 1. Any new standard that replaces an existing non-standard standard that’s already been adopted as a standard, regardless of its non-standard nature.

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Gnomedex Swag

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According to Wikipedia, Swag, also known as Schwag, is best defined as:

A slang term for promotional items, usually given away for free. Some people suggest that it is an acronym for shit (or stuff) we all get, but this is not supported by the fact it is very often spelled schwag or shwag; more likely derived from swag in the sense of stolen or scavenged loot as above.

Here’s a picture of all the swag we got at Gnomedex:

Gnomedex Swag

Great bag o’ loot, that’s for sure. Don’t think we’ll need more t-shirts or hats for a while. Aside from the Yahoo shirt, they are all too big for me. I’ll be using the hot water to shrink them. To all you t-shirt swag providers out there – pleeeeease remember us girls like to promote your stuff too! Give us small shirts!

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The only thing we missed was the Yahoo! flash drive. I did spend some time at their booth but apparently not enough to get that on-request piece of swag.

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Back home in Vancouver and what’s next

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So, I’m now back home in Vancouver. The week o’ conferences has come to an end. Gnomedex was a whirlwind that absolutely enveloped me. I loved it. But it is nice to be back home.

I am sitting comfortably at my desk, drinking some great coffee that we freshly ground and brewed in our french press. Coffee is called Hines. Believe it’s from Seattle. But we bought it locally from the Elysian Room.

The cats were overjoyed to see us back home. I was really happy to see that Nala can now raise her tail and I can feel the break without causing her discomfort. She’s on her way to a full recovery. We had Guinness using one of those rotating cat food bowls – good for 36 hours or 3 meals, I believe. Found it by the front door. He probably had a good time taking out the bits of food just as the corner of the rotating lid was coming around.

So, my plan for the next couple of days is to finish blogging CTC, to rest up a bit, clean the house, and tomorrow to go to the podcast at Bryght. Ianiv’s grandfather will be in town for a week too, so we’ll be making lots of trips into Richmond.

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I am planning a few more trips coming up soon. I am going to try to get myself down to BlogHer (July 30). I’d also really like to attend the following conferences:

Podcast Hotel – Sept. 6-7

Web 2.0 – Oct 5-7

Mobile Business Expo – Oct 9-12

Open Source Convention – Aug 1-5

Portable Media Expo – Nov 11-12

Blog Business Summit – Aug 17-19 (probably have conflicting trip)

VoiceCon – Aug 29-Sept 1

WiCon – July 10-15

Internet Marketing Conference – Sept 13-15

I am going to be working to attend these conferences as a panelist or as the official blogger. And, yes, I’d really love to go to them all! If you have a conference you’d like to get attention for, I am available for pre, live, and post event blogging services as well as speaking engagements. Contact me here.

I’m also planning on going off to Toronto for a couple of weeks to visit my family in August. I will try to find conferences while I am there, maybe WiMob, and also meet up with any TO or Montreal bloggers.

Loving this work.

Our Gnomedex Photos

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I’ve finally finished uploading all the pictures we took at Gnomedex. Well, almost all… 33 pictures managed to vanish from the CF card, or maybe I just accidentaly deleted them :(
Anyway check out the photoset, enjoy, comment and tag!

Matt Mullenweg wears Movable Type swag

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On thursday’s Gnomedex party we were chatting with a bunch of people when someone put a Movable Type hat on Matt Mullenweg’s head. Cameras were quickly pointed at him, but he was too fast and I think I was the only one who managed to snap a picture. Someone please prove me wrong and tell me you got a better one :)

Thanks Chris & Ponzi

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Standing ovation to Chris & Ponzi for an amazing event. Gnomedex is the best conference, or un-conference, out there.

Great job. Great speakers. Great vibe.


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Adam Curry – Gnomedex keynote continued

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The power of subscription will change media.

Stay tuned is not relevant anymore. Just stay subscribed. Pull not push.

One click subscription. Let’s do it now.

People are ready for the revolution. Let’s make it easy.

Metadata. Address bandwidth.

Support and implement bittorrent.

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Tools for podcasting and other media are the same for amateurs as for pros. The distribution is there. Sales model is there. But the media industry has the power of promotion through radio. Radio is being packaged up a bit, so that’s diminishing. But it’s not like DJs go crazy for bands anymore. The passion is just gone.

Podcasting can promo music now. Use it in the podcast. Refer to the band. They sell CDs. And keep the profit. We’re all for that. And Curry is all for that. He switches up the music. And people buy it. Great message.

Here is the message. We’re taking back our media to its roots in the hearts and minds of people through the power of subscription.

Great to be a part of the podcast. Thanks Adam.

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