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Google has announced a new version of personalized search today. It uses search history, which it has been collecting after you sign in to Google.

Personalized Search is an improvement to Google search that orders your search results based on what you’ve searched for before. Learning from your history of searches and search results you’ve clicked on, Personalized Search brings certain results closer to the top when it’s clear they’re most relevant to you.

Part of Personalized Search is the Search History feature, which lets you view and manage your history of past searches and the search results you’ve clicked on. As you build up your search history, your personalized search results will continue to improve over time. [Google]

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Personalized search can be turned on or off. I personally choose not to turn it on and to have my search history collected on Google’s servers, which I’m assuming are privy to government inspection, as is required in the US. Although I think the concept is a valid one, using past clicks and history information to deliver you targeted results (organic and paid), I think I’ll remain opt-out on this issue.

From John Battelle, SEW

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