Gnomedex Keynote: Adam Curry – Intro and podcast and a good time

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It’s the long awaited keynote from Adam Curry. People have been talking about this one for a couple of days now. Purely smart of Chris to put it at the end – keeps them here!

We’re just about to start Daily Source Code Episode #200 – it’s quite cool. Love the music, of course. Brings an energy in. So, what we’re just now doing is a music mash up to celebrate the unconferenceness of Gnomedex. Wow, what a word. Now, we’ve got the wave and Scoble is up to start the dancing. And Chris is doing some interesting moves up on a chair.

Now the red couch is getting some action.

Wish I had a picture to flash in now, but I’ll get it in later.

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Gnomedex keynote: Dean Hachamovitch – RSS and Longhorn

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Dean Hachamovitch and Amar Gandhi came and had a very good pitch for Microsoft. Now, it may be a company and product pitch, but it was expected and it was not something we can really go on our own to see the stuff (we saw Longhorn and IE7 First). And, compared to what I’ve heard from other Microsoft speakers, this was an unbelievably good presentation. It was on a vision. And a vision that is shared throughout the company on Microsoft and RSS.

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For me, it was interesting. I liked to the path as how we got to RSS:

1. Browse (links)

2. Search

3. Subscribe

Longhorn loves RSS. They want people to get it, since many don’t. And they want it to be everywhere, not just in the browser. Windows being RSS enabled. Make it easy for developers to RSS enable anything.

“It’s not about the browser, it’s about the platform.” The browser is just a preview for feeds.

So, the new IE7 will recognize a feed and give you a button to subscribe. It even has a preview, which is amazing. More than that, it has a filter so you can see what’s in the site from the preview. That is very unique. Ok – so, subscribing to feeds is not overly new. Neither is getting a search feed. The preview was something I really liked, but that was about it. But we also saw some new stuff. How Outlook Calendar can recognize RSS embedded calendar items.

Today, you subscribe to blogs & news & podcasts…

But podcasts is just one part of content that can be embedded. From photos to videos to contacts to documents… CONTENT…

Then, above just content feeds, they want to pitch lists of content. Video playlists, to do lists, document libraries, etc.

How do you envision this RSS list? It needs to be read differently. It’s a little more difficult to get this in RSS – adding is basic, but when a list is modified or an item removed, the RSS needs to be updated. They have envisioned this within the platform that reads lists and updates those lists as they exist in their original format – Amazon or whatnot. What Microsoft is doing with “Really Simple” self-describing lists will be Creative Commons.

RSS platform architectural overview available from

Longhorn beta 1 out this summer (?)

Code in PDC 2005 in September

And Dean. Great attitude. Totally just bitchslapped Boris Mann. In jest, yes.

Oh, and they gave away free jackets.

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Gnomedex keynote: Dave Winer

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You don’t need to own the Internet or be its leader to dominate it.

Blogging is about individual choice.

Technology control is not the way of the future.

RSS and OPML are inherently the same and should be treated as like technologies. We should begin to think of the web based on its interconnections. If you think of the web as knowledge, you need to look at it differently. You want to see the relationships between things – and to build out tools that highlight this.

There was a good deal of time in the keynote devoted to product pitch – the OPML editor Dave Winer is developing. Kudos for having an open source project, but I really don’t think keynotes should be pitches. So, that’s just my two cents.

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There was the start of a discussion on why Winer does not use titles in any traditional sense. I was curious and would have liked more of an answer than just a personal choice thing. I subscribe to Scripting News, but read my feeds by skimming titles. Sad to say, but I often just close off his feed because I don’t want to read everything. So, I was personally curious and would be interested to know this discussion. I’m sure it’s not the first time it’s come up.

button Live from Gnomedex 5.0

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