Is the trackback dead?

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Do you think trackbacks are dead? Comments? How does this change our perspective of the power of blogs for communication?


I think it’s time we faced the fact that Trackback is dead. We should state up front – the aspirations behind Trackback were admirable. We should reassert that we understand that there is a very real need to find mechanisms to knit together the world of webloggers and to allow conversations across multiple weblogs to operate effectively. We must recognise that Trackback was one of the first and most important attempts to work in that area. But Nevertheless, we have to face the fact – Trackback is dead.

It has been killed by spam and by spammers – by the sheer horror of ping after ping pushing mother/son incest and bestiality links. It has been killed by the exploitation of human beings quite prepared to desecrate the work of tens of thousands of people in order that they should scrabble together a few coins. It has been killed by the experience of an inbox overwhelmed by the automated rape of our creative endeavours.

What do you think?

2 Responses to “Is the trackback dead?”

  1. Noah Brier says:

    I agree with Tom, I was actually thinking about putting trackbacks to sleep on my site as well. It’s sad.

  2. kris says:

    well, Trackbacks with a capital T may be dead or dying but i think conversation tracking is just getting started. lots of folks are offering up coon new technologies for tracking conversations and threads across the web. stay tuned. kk+

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