Blogging for business: the new marketing tool

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Why should you have a blog?

1. One more tool in your toolbox
* Dialogue not monologue
2. Google Loves Blogs! SEO/SEM
3. Creating conversations
* With your customers
* With your competitors
* With your partners/investors
* With the media
4. Industry Insight
5. Reputation capital

Caveat: do not blog only for the sake of marketing & sales

How to get started

1. Choose your categories – tags, Technorati
2. Subscribe to & read other blogs – RSS
3. Create your blogroll – link to your friends and colleagues
4. Plan your content choices
5. Set some guidelines
6. Monitor the blogosphere – PubSub, Feedster

Enter the conversation

1. Relationship building
2. Authenticity
3. Customer interaction
4. Trackbacks and comments
5. Posting tips
*link to sources & competitors
*title phrases
*be authentic and interactive

How to get results
1. Syndication and RSS
2. Promote your blog
3. Follow the posting tips
* authenticity * linking * shared knowledge * key phrases
4. Comment on other blogs
5. Watch your trackbacks
6. Submit your URL to directories
7. Have good features
8. Link to yourself
9. Avoid link exchanges!

What you can achieve:
1. strong SEO results
2. differentiation
3. leadership
4. more traffic
5. customer interaction and loyalty
6. new business, if done right!

Part 1 – Why should you have a blog?
Part 2 – How to start blogging on the right foot
Part 3 – Enter the conversation

5 Responses to “Blogging for business: the new marketing tool”

  1. Blogging for Dollars…after the IIMA event

    Well it’s been about 24 hours since the event and I’m the last one to post.&n…

  2. Darren Rowse says:

    sounds like a great session – was there any recording of it?

  3. Arieanna says:

    Thanks for the comment Darren. We are looking into getting the recording from the event coordinators to see if we can podcast it. I hope we can. At any rate, I will be posting further notes up every few days to go into more detail on what I listed above.

  4. The Blogaholics Launch “Blogging Help”

    Vancouver friends Arieanna and Ianiv (the Blogaholics) have launched a new blog called Blogging help. It’s intended to be a ‘meta-blog’ which is just a fancy way of saying a blog about the act of blogging and being a blogger. :P I know, I know… enoug

  5. manoj says:

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