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I’m sitting in a room with about 220 other people for the first keynote of Northern Voice. Go to this entry’s page for more details.

Tim Bray – What’s in That Soup Pot?

  • Blogging is like making a soup (objectives)
  • People’s objectives: Reach people, boost sales, make money, learning…
  • Over 1000 people blogging at Sun. They have a policy for this.
  • Write what you know, people are more likely to read it
  • Listen. Blogging is not just for talking to the world, it is also a good way to listen to it.
  • Link often. Point your readers to what other people are writing about. People are more likely to link back to you.
  • Post often. Will bring more readers.
  • Correct yourself. It is easy to correct an entry if you made a mistake, this is harder to do in traditional journalism.
  • Generalize.
  • Flame judiciously. Anger gives more flavour to life. If you are angry, share it with your readers.
  • Spell-Chekc. Quality matters. Someone in the audience disagrees, making mistakes makes it more human.
  • Look good. Does blogaholics look good?
  • Balance hubris and humility. You can criticize, but also link to people who criticize you.
  • Be brief. Writing can be improved by making it shorter. Audience: if you have a long post then add headers.
  • Be intense. A dispassionate tone doesn’t work.
  • Don’t tell secrets. Blogs are public. Assume everyone will read it.
  • (The stupid laptop battery is not going to last much longer, I’ll have to find a place to plug in)
  • Don’t ruin your life. You can say things you will regret.
  • Tim writes a lot of entries that are not published.
  • Don’t blog on command. Don’t push people to blog and if you have to be pushed to blog you probably shouldn’t.
  • Sorry, I’ll have to turn this thing off, I’ll post the rest of the notes when I find a place to plug this thing in.

2 Responses to “Live blogging from Northern Voice”

  1. kris krug says:

    Sweeet notes. Thx for writing it up. I liked his talk especially some of the practical tips.

    I’m streaming photos up in real time to and to


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