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Arieanna & Ianiv

We created this blog so we could talk about and share all the things that interest us. It is our ‘blogging home’, where we talk freely about the news, technology, gadgets, great places to see and great food to eat.

Arieanna is a professional blogger with more than a dozen blogs and is Channel Editor of 40 blogs for b5media‘s Celebrities & Entertainment channels.

Ianiv is a software developer currently working for NowPublic.

Together we provide marketing, blogging, business and tech consulting – you can read more at Blogging Help.

We were married April 1st, 2006 and moved to our first home in North Vancouver in December, 2006, along with our two cats, Nala and Guinness.

Contact Arieanna: arieanna@blogaholics.ca
Contact Ianiv: ianiv@blogaholics.ca

For more information on how to contact us for specific requests, please click here.

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